Lipo Sculpt


What Is Precision Lipo Sculpt

Lipo Suction is a cosmetic procedure that can help improve the shape of certain areas of your body that do not seem to be improved through diet and exercise.  Lipo Sculpture or "Precision" Lipo Suction is a more refined procedure where smaller areas are addressed for a more contoured result! A plastic surgeon or dermatological surgeon usually does the procedure, using a cannula or negative pressure to remove the fat cells. The most common areas that are worked on are;  hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back, arms, or the chin area.  Our office specializes in "Precision" Lipo Sculpting. We concentrate on smaller sections of the body so the procedure is less invasive and can be done under local anesthesia. If you have been considering this procedure but felt that it was too invasive or painful to look in to, our Precision Lipo Sculpting may be the answer for you! 


Is Lipo Sculpting Right for Me

Precision Lipo Sculpting is a great option for those that just want to address smaller areas to improve the overall look and shape. Some areas we specialize in are;  the tummy area, the muffin top (upper stomach area), outer thighs & love handles in men. Liposuction & Precision Lipo Sculpting works best for healthy, active, adults (18 and over), people with good skin tone and elasticity, who are within 25 lbs of their ideal body weight. Those with circulation or blood flow problems, or a weakened immune systems should not undergo this procedure. Our Precision Lipo Sculpting can provide permanent results for equal or less cost then other procedures such as Cool Sculpt!


What Should I expect

Precision Lipo Sculpting is a surgical procedure that involves making small incisions in the skin and inserting a tool called a cannula into the fat pocket. This cannula is attached to a suction device or a syringe to extract the fat. Precision Lipo Sculpting concentrates on smaller areas so it can be done as outpatient surgery. In most cases the patient can return to work in a few days and resume all normal activities, like exercise, within 2-4 weeks or less, though recovery and post surgical care varies depending on the area treated and the amount of fat removed. Following instructions is the best way to have a recovery that is short and as painless as possible. Some discomfort may be felt. However, lifestyle choices like rest, hydration and not smoking will make healing time faster and complications fewer. The most common post surgical effects can include some swelling, bruising and tenderness in the area of the procedure. Our staff will offer some options on pain relief after surgery as well as a list of pain relievers to avoid. Common post surgical instructions also include wearing compression garments in the areas that were treated. Modified activities may be recommended for a few weeks afterward to reduce strain on the target areas.


The Results

Immediately after surgery, there will be some swelling and soreness in the area and it can take a few weeks to see the full extent of the results of the procedure.   The fat cells removed during Precision Lipo Sculpting are permanently removed but it is important to note that patients can still gain new fat cells, so following a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise plan after treatment can help prevent new fat gain.  85% off all patients are "very satisfied" with their results from our Precision Lipo Sculpting procedure. Our goal is to give you a less invasive way to address the problem areas that you dislike and have not been able to change through diet or exercise. We hope to help you see the results that will renew your confidence in your body! Use the 'Find Out More' button below to get in touch with us for a consult on how our Precision Lipo Sculpting can be right for you! Or call our office today to make an appointment. 972-378-0620