Hair Restoration


What IS PRP Hair Restoration?

 A natural healing treatment, Platelet-Rich Plasma puts your body’s existing components to work in fighting hair loss. Blood has several elements — a liquid substance called plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets. Platelets allow the blood to clot, and they also contain numerous proteins, called growth factors, and some of these growth factors are known to stimulate hair growth. PRP is one of the leading therapies aimed at up-regulating the anagen growth phase as well as decreasing the inflammatory cascade, helping reverse this hair loss process.


Preparing for PRP


Generally speaking, there are few steps to preparing for PRP injections.

However, PRP can be injected in different ways. For example, sometimes a topical numbing lidocaine solution is applied to your scalp before injection. You may have to arrive early to a treatment session for this to be applied. Other times, a local anesthetic is mixed with the PRP to reduce any discomfort. Sometimes, your doctor will inject or apply PRP during a surgery. In this instance, preparation for PRP injections would involve following your surgeon’s recommendations pre surgery.

Watch Our Demo Video!

PRP Hair Restoration is a safe & effective treatment for both men & women! Injecting the (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma into hair follicles can help promote new cell growth. Watch the videos to learn more and give us a call to schedule a consult to see if this procedure is right for you!

How Does it Work?

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PRP For Women

PRP Hair Restoration is also a great option for women who are suffering from hair loss due to age, hormones or genetics.   Although you will start to see improvement in hair texture, thickness of hair shaft and growth of new hairs in the treated area within two weeks after treatment, it typically takes three to six months from your initial treatment to see measurable results. 


Thinning hair can lead to feeling low in self esteem and lead to a lack of confidence. Our goal is to help you restore your hair back to a healthier, fuller state, so that you feel better and more confident about yourself! Contact us today for a consult. Call our office number at: 972-378-0620 or click on "Find Out More" to send us an e mail. 

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